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Wow...it seems like FOREVER since my last blog post. Sorry to all of my faithful followers. Great news though, August has been a fun-filled, extremely busy, and successful month for Brittany Nicole Photography. Plus, I finally took a much-needed break and went on a summer vacation with my family to Seattle, WA and Vancouver, British Columbia, CA. And speaking of my trip, be checking my blog daily, starting Thursday because I will be starting a series of posts chronicling our journey one day at a time, and sharing it with all of you! Also, there are a ton of blog posts, currently on hold, that will be going up soon now that all my clients have been taken care of.

Now back to the important matter at hand! WEDDINGS! This post features a wedding shot in July, also shown in the Wedding Sneak Peek posted about a month ago. Yusra and Fahad Qureshi! I had the pleasure of photographing my first traditional Pakistani wedding right here in the DFW area. When Yusra initially contacted me, I was incredibly excited and somewhat nervous since I knew nothing of Pakistani wedding traditions. I had no idea what to expect! However, her family welcomed me just like one of their own, including me in the celebrations, traditions and memories which will stay with me for a lifetime. My sincere thanks to the Bhams for their amazing hospitality!

If you have not seen or experienced a traditional Indian wedding, you have missed a fantastic experience. The brilliant colors, amazing food, music, dancing and laughter in the midst of a beautiful tradition make it an unforgettable and joyous event. The photos can take it from here.

Their wedding venue was an intimate Indo-Pak Restaurant, BBQ Tonite in Carrollton, TX. Here are a few shots of the venue settings.

Just before dusk (the groom arrives in time for the evening prayers with the other men before the bride arrives) Fahad, the groom, arrives with his entourage. Now that just sounds awesome! Entourage! Here they have the coolest tradition, the family lines the entrance and greets the groom with hugs and hand shakes, before he takes a seat on the stages with his...yes...entourage!

Then the lovely Yusra arrives, and as her family and friends impatiently await her entrance, a few of her ladies prep her outside, ensuring that every last stitch is in its proper place. She was gorgeous!!!

Here the ladies line up with a beautiful piece of fabric and holding it high above everyones' heads. They escort her to the stage to meet her groom.

I love this one of Fahad gazing lovingly at his bride-to-be, and her beaming underneath her veil.

This is the moment that Fahad is the first to see his bride, the mothers carry to the stage a cloth and put it over the couple and then they gently place the mirror in their laps, while Yusra lifts her veil so they may have a moment alone. Such a sweet look!

After the rings are exchanged Yusra then removes the veil and is revealed to her family and friends.

Traditionally, the family then feeds the bride and groom sweets...I hope they were hungry...it was a large family!

Just a taste of the wonderful buffet provided by BBQ Tonite!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Fahad Qureshi! It was an honor to be a part of your celebrations and to be taught Pakistani traditions by such a loving family!


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