Family Vacation | Seattle, WA | Day 3

Today we decided to stay in the Bellevue area for the greater portion of the day. We drove to the nearby St. Michelle Vineyard to tour the grounds and see the winery. Little did we know there was a concert planned that afternoon. The lovely grounds were covered with hundreds of people sitting/standing on the grass waiting for an afternoon concert. The sidewalks, thankfully, were clear so we were able to tour the plant. We enjoyed the tour - especially the wine tasting! We even purchased four bottles of a special after dinner wine to take home!

I love the Scripture on the window. "Wine maketh glad the heart of man" Psalms

Obviously, it was our day to indulge. Just down the road from the vineyard was a beer distillery, Red Hook. So, of course, that was our next stop. This stop was a little different as Brittany predicted. (How did she know that so well?) There were no lovely lawns, fountains, or flowers. No trellises or outside seating areas. The reserved and quiet winery group was displaced by a rowdy one at the brewery which got a little louder with each additional brew tasted. However, it was a fun group and the "guide" was humorous and witty which made up for the fact that we never left the room - no real tour included at all.

Brittany here: Haha! This was a mirror for sale in the gift shop...I thought this was pretty great!
Now that we were sufficiently relaxed, we headed to downtown Seattle (with extra luggage in hand). We had coffee at one of the many shops (a must) and stopped in H&M, Brittany's favorite European store, and shopped. Then we met my cousin and her husband and walked down toward the waterfront, checked on our "gum" creations, and moved on to the restaurants and shops on the water. Dinner was outside at Ivar's where we fed the seagulls and enjoyed a lovely sunset. We explored the Curiosity Shop and saw the mummy, walked through the arcade with an indoor Merry-go-round, and finally headed to our car. It was time to hand off our extra luggage and say goodbye again.

This photo is for my brother.

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Jonathan Chu said...

Brittany! Beautiful shots!! What post processing are you doing? You have a great eye!