Merry Christmas from Brittany Nicole Photography

This has been a very busy season for Brittany Nicole Photography. Thank you to all of my amazing clients! Here are a couple of Christmas cards we produced for our clients this year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Here is another super sweet family that ordered a really cute postcard!


NYLO Hotel Las Colinas | Engagement Photographer | Tracie & Chieng

Chieng has been a very good friend for about a year now. We quickly realized we shared many common interests, including working within the wedding industry. Chieng is a DJ and obviously I'm a photographer (First conversation: a list of the most popular wedding reception songs). ;)

Chieng and Tracie have a fun and interesting story, not unlike most couples. However, from the beginning of our friendship all I heard about was this girl, Tracie! I knew Tracie had a special place in Chieng's heart and eventually I got the call, "We're Engaged!!!!!"

I am delighted that I was chosen to document this blessed occasion and look foreword to many, many years of friendship. Please enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed shooting it! Happy Holidays to all, especially those away from those from home and loved ones. Cherish the ones you love in this wonderful season.

Don't miss their slide show at the end of this blog post!


Children Portrait Photographer | Dallas, Texas | Grady

Just because its time for a new posting...heres a little cutie I shot recently! :)


Thanksgiving with my family

Since it is Thanksgiving, it is time to reflect about what we are most thankful for. Over the past year there have been many things to be thankful for. Just to name a few; I am now officially a full-time photographer...FINALLY, I have an amazing family that I love dearly, I managed to adopt a cute little (well, not so little anymore) pup, have VERY supportive friends (you all know who you are) and have been dating a wonderful man for the past year now!

However, one thing my family and I are most thankful for, and the main reason for this blog post, is our dear family friend...basically family...Arla Adams. She recently discovered that she has pancreatic cancer and has spent quite a bit of time in the hospital as of late. The cancer has been completely removed, hopefully, and Arla still must endure chemotherapy. She is a strong, independent, lovely women and we are all very proud of her strength throughout this struggle. Our thoughts and prayers, hopefully yours as well, are with her. We love you Arla!

Meet Arla!
Her office made her these bracelets.
Complete with her initials.
The spread!! :)

I made a traditional Greek Turkey, thanks to Todd for carving it for me.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy thanksgiving!!


Tis the Season Once Again for Family Portraits!!

Its getting close to that holiday season again! Just wanted to leave you all with a friendly reminder that it is time to schedule your family portrait session. Remember to call your photographer and get something schedule before the end of November to ensure plenty of time for getting your holiday card designed and printed before the holidays.


Passion goes FULL TIME!!

Wow...it has been four months since my last blog post. I am terribly sorry for the delay and hope it won't take me nearly this long to get the next post up.

The reason for this post is merely to get you all up to date on the not so recent news anymore :/ with Brittany Nicole Photography. This past spring/summer turned out to be a rather busy, yet extremely successful wedding season for me, shooting at least one wedding a weekend. Yay, exciting news for my first official year in business! I ended up being so busy that I made the decision it was time to pursue photography full time and turn my passion into a career.

August brought forth the beginning of this exciting change, in submitting my notice at the day job. By the first of September, I had wrapped up my time in the corporate world and began my new journey as a very excited business owner/entrepreneur. Full of ideas, life and enthusiasm in owning and maintaining my own wedding photography business; I started out my new career with an extended vacation (basically the entire month of Sept) to visit my best friend in South Korea and recoup from an exhausting year of 80+ hour work weeks. Thanks again Katie, had the time of my life, love you girlfriend!

Now I'm home, full of life, completely refreshed and ready to tackle the entrepreneurial world full force with Brittany Nicole Photography!

I want to send out a special thanks to all of my amazing clients over the past year that have stuck by my side in my 'hardly keeping my head above water' between the full time job and shooting all of your beautiful engagements, bridals,wedding days and family portraits! I will never forget any of you in your support of me and my growing business, love you all dearly, can never thank you enough for believing in me.

And just because no photography blog should ever post without a photo, here is a photo of Katie and I on top of the mountain in Seoraksan National Park. Naturally, we picked the perfect day for a hike!


Danielle & Matt | Dallas, Texas | Engagement Wedding Photographer

Matt has been one of my dearest friends for several years now and sitting here reflecting over Matt then and now is a journey of strength, determination and true friendship. Growing up, Matt was not a normal child, while the rest of us were enjoying our childhood cartoons, Matt took notice of the music and thus began his love of anything 1900-30's. I can remember hanging out with Matt and listening to his dreams of having his very own 1920's orchestra and his asking me if I thought he was crazy. Yes Matt you are crazy! But we wouldn't have it any other way!! Through countless hours of determined searching for charts, arranging parts, organizing and reorganizing folders for his orchestra, emailing, calling, rehearsing and so much more; he has not only turned his dream into a reality, with his very own - Singapore Slingers, but it has taken flight into becoming so much more. Matt I have watched you grow and do so much over these few years I have known you, and it has been an honor to be a part of the process and your life, looking forward to many more. Congrats on pursuing your dreams, finding the lady you never thought possible ;) and for your upcoming wedding!

Matt and Danielle have one of the cutest, sweetest stories I have ever heard and it all began on MySpace! Danielle is also a 1900's enthusiast and artist herself (traditional pen and paper naturally :) love it!), being that there aren't many out there (which makes this all the more special), it was pretty easy for Matt and Danielle to find each other. I don't want to ruin their story and Danielle has already done a fantastic job at retelling the beginning, so I will leave you with a piece of their story via a note from Danielle on Facebook:

"Matt Tolentino. The mention of his name takes me back to May 1st of 2006, when I found him on Myspace. Another traditional jazz fanatic, an actual musician, which made me take notice of him - as well, a "friend" of Dan Levinson, one of my real-life buddies, and an enormously gifted jazz artist, to boot. Matt clearly came with decent references, and seemed like a hell of a character, at that. He exuded the spirit of the 1920s - in his attire, musical tastes, love of film, awareness of preservation. Part of me adored him instantly. We exchanged pleasantries, and stayed in relatively close touch over the following three years... and then some. Little emails here and there, viewing newly-posted photos, leaving cheerful comments - and a constant, pleasantly nagging thought, of "I wonder what it would be like to meet..." - in short, we enjoyed one another, on an artistic, and, for me, a subconsciously physical, level. As it later came out, for Matt it was physical on a far more blatant level... not that I would have complained. We drifted in and out of one another's profiles, keeping a certain amount of emotional distance, thanks to my then-relationship, as well as the fact that, well, he was in Dallas, and I was in New York.

And then that fated day - the aforementioned June 22. Having temporarily settled in Kentucky, I happened to be just along the way on Matt's itinerary for an upcoming gig with the Alex Meixner Band. Via Facebook, he wrote to me, asking if I'd be willing to host him for a night, as he was making the long drive from Texas. Without hesitation (a whopping seven minutes later), I responded, fully eager to have him visit with me, if only for one night. I was so eager to finally meet him, and life was so much better set up for me to do so, as I was at last free from the relationship I'd been, in retrospect, so hampered down by. Minutes later, he confirmed the date, and our fate had been sealed.

From the moment Matt arrived at my curb, I felt as though I was reuniting with a long-lost friend, a soul partner who I could completely express myself with - at last, that person I had so longed for, who understood me. As the evening wore on, we laughed, told stories, shared music, and simply bonded with one another - staying up until after 4am, whooping like hyenas in the dark, as we literally laughed ourselves to sleep with wisecracks and hilarious personal accounts of what I can only call Whack-Ass Shenanigans. We woke up a few hours later, had breakfast, and rather reluctantly parted ways. I sighed when he left, almost praying that he would pass my way again, on his journey home after the gig."

Matt did indeed rearrange his schedule to pass back through to spend more time with Danielle and well, the rest is history! If you would like to read Danielle's account of their story in its entirety you may do so here. Danielle you are an amazing women, artist, writer and now friend, I have truly enjoyed getting to know the lovely lady that completes Matt and look forward to our growing friendship.

You couldn't find two people more perfect for each other then these two nuts! Love you two!!

We stopped for a quick lunch at Scalini's Pizza & Pasta on the way to our super awesome second location.

Matt used to work for this little antique shop right next to Scalini's, called Curiosities....and it was PERFECT for these two! We had such a blast. Thank you to the staff of Curiosities for allowing us to shoot in your cute little shop!

Haha...Danielle this is BY FAR my favorite shot of the entire session! :)


Juliana & Alex | SMU Campus Dallas, Texas | Engagement Wedding Photographer

Juliana & Alex were such a pleasure to work with. Both have such sweet spirits, and I absolutely LOVED watching Juliana light up just being around Alex. They chose SMU (their alma mater) for the e-session, which is always a great choice as it's such a beautiful campus anytime of the year. Juliana & Alex were both members of the Mustang Band. That's how they officially met! So, of course, we had to have some fun in front of the band hall! Nothing like music to bring two people together. That is also how I met Alex; we are both members of Matt Tolentino's Singapore Slingers, the only local 1920's and 30's band in DFW. Alex is a phenomenal jazz trumpeter and performs frequently locally. Be sure to check out his facebook fan page or myspace for more info on where to hear him!

You two are too cute!! Thanks for the fun engagement session, and I wish you both the best.