Stephanie & Stephen | SMU Dallas | Proposal Photographer

Friday, August 14th, began as a normal Friday for me. However, things changed quickly when I got an early morning phone call from an excited mother. Her daughter was about to receive a very special proposal. I was invited to take part in that proposal as the surreptitious and stealthy photographer. The plan definitely appealed to my adventurous and romantic side! Needless to say, I was hooked and jumped into gear preparing for my part in this special family’s day. This wonderful mother connected me with the groom-to-be who patiently took the time to tell me the couple’s story and how he planned to bring his proposal to life. Just wait until you hear this story. What an awesome, sweet guy!

Stephen Sandbo and Stephanie Hancock first laid eyes on each other in the Gerald J. Ford Stadium during an SMU football game (Go Mustangs!). She was a member of the SMU Dance Team, and he was there to catch all the action. What Steve found was a very special lady! To save time, I won’t recount the entire story, but it follows the classic boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy falls for girl - then on to the PROPOSAL!!!

Steve spent a great deal of time planning this special proposal. Several months before the big day, he told Stephanie that SMU was dedicating a plaque to him for contributions made as a member of the SMU Soccer Team. This plaque was to be placed on one of the seats in the Gerald J. Ford Stadium. Now he had a reason to take Stephanie to the stadium. Of course, the plaque she saw was a little different than the one she was expecting. Guess where this plaque was located within the stadium? Row 14, Seat 14! Way to go, Steve! In case you are wondering, Stephanie said YES!

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Chantz Hough said...

Great Job! Did you book the wedding?!!