Family Vacation | Seattle, WA | Day 1

Time to reflect on our summer family vaca in the Northwest! I have asked my mom to help out making this a family collaboration by narrating our story, while of course, I supply the photos. (Shes the author of the family anyways). So at that, take it away mama!

Everyone got up early for their respective flights to Seattle, WA. Our flights reflected that fact that this would be a busy vacation! Brittany had to get up around 4 AM to catch a 6:00 flight, and we were not far behind her. We met at the airport in Seattle ready to start our vacation. As beginnings often go, this one was also fraught with delays and obstacles. Just off the plane, I forgot my new novel in the terminal. Just getting away from the airport was a struggle. The car rental’s shuttle was so small, the kids were left to wait on the next one. Then the line at the rental agency was loaded with people and the line moved at a snail’s pace. When we did get our adorable, PT Cruiser Convertible, our luggage wouldn’t fit! Things were getting off to a slow start on this trip. However, my cousin who I hadn’t seen in 18 years lived in the Seattle area, and we were reunited to reminisce and make new memories! What a wonderful plus to our trip! She met us at the rental agency with cold water (wouldn’t you know, we arrived during a heat wave) and saved the day by putting our surplus luggage in her car.

Well, finally we got away and headed out with my cousin and her husband leading the way! Our first stop was the Museum of Flight. The Blue Angels were in town for Seattle’s annual Seafair Festival! We had hoped to see them practice and land, but delays at the car rental agency took care of that plan. We did see the Blue Angels' jets and others and took a few minutes to pose in the cardboard plane for some fun pics.

Next, we went to the nearby Kubota Gardens. These lovely gardens, which were free to the public, had numerous trails, ponds, waterfalls, and bridges throughout the park. We enjoyed walking around and looking at the lovely flowers, taking more pictures and exploring the winding, and thankfully, shaded trails.

The infamous shot of the car that happens on EVERY trip even if we do take our own car and it has been photographed a million times before! The location is always different! :)

Late afternoon, we drove into downtown Seattle, parking in the Waterfront area near Pike Market. Since the market was closed, we used the time to become oriented and walk around without the crowds. We had a great time and saw the first Starbucks, Post Alley – where most of us added our own creations to the Gum Wall, and Pioneer Square. By the way, for those of you who have not been to Seattle, beware. The streets are very steep and walking can be quite strenuous!

Worn out and finally ready to end our lovely day, we headed to our hotel across the bridge in Bellevue, a very nice area. Time to rest and get ready for Day 2!

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