The Ratliffs | Dallas/Ft. Worth | Family Portrait Photography

Tis' the Season.... for Christmas Family Photos.

I can still remember receiving the call that I had been requested to do the Ratliff's Family Portraits for Christmas. A rush of emotions swept through me all at once, ranging from shock, to excitement, to extreme nervousness. However, the warmth and kindness shown by the Ratliff's at our initial meeting quickly allayed any fears on my part. I had a wonderful time photographing the family, and their little girls were just adorable!

Many thanks to the Ratliffs and Happy Holidays!!

Don't forget about Cans for Comments thru the end of December!


Brit's Blab's | Dallas/Ft. Worth Area | Photographer

I have made an early New Years Resolution! Writing has always been challenging for me. While I usually know what I want to say, how to actually say it in writing is problematic. Knowing that it's being sent out over the world wide web for anyone, and everyone, to read only makes it more intimidating. (I'm much better at speaking in person). I don't usually have that much verbiage in my blogging and prefer my photos to speak for themselves; however, Brittany Nicole Photography is ever-evolving, and I want to you involve in the process! So,my new resolution is to, at least once a month, have a blog post dedicated to informing you as to the new and exciting endeavors of Brittany Nicole Photography! Comments, suggestions, observations from you, my friends and supporters, are always welcome and encouraged. I continually desire to better myself as a person, friend, and photographer, and appreciate your assistance. Learning the ends and outs of running my own business has been, and continues to be quite a challenge.

Here goes:

For starters, Brittany Nicole Photography will be one of many photographers assisting with Help Portrait this holiday season. Chantz Hough of Phose Studios has graciously organized a location for the DFW Area, which will be held at Irving Baptist Church Saturday December 12.

Help Portrait is a movement to give back to the community through photography. Photographers all over the world will be coming together, through giving, by taking family portraits for those in need, and in this economy, there are many worthy candidates. You can read more about Help Portrait for yourself by clicking here.

Who is a worthy candidate for Help Portrait? Here is a list I have taken from the official website to give you some ideas:

- the homeless
- orphans
- single moms (and their kids)
- single dads (and their kids)
- sick children
- sick parents
- the elderly
- army vets
- underprivileged families
- your neighbor?

If you, or anyone you know, is eligible this holiday season, please email Chantz Hough at irvinghelpportrait@gmail.com or give him a call on his cell at 817.948.8575.

You can read about last years experiences here. I'm so excited to be a part of such a great program! Hope to see you there!!

The other way Brittany Nicole Photography is giving back this holiday season is through Cans for Comments! That's right!! I will be donating one canned good to a reputable, local charity per comment left on my blog throughout the entire month of December. If you'd like to participate all you have to do is leave a comment anywhere on my blog this month. It's that easy! To read more about Cans for Comments, click here. I am looking forward to helping those in need while reading all your great thoughts this season!


The Sepulvedas | Sunnyvale, TX | Family Portrait Photographer

I had the honor of photographing for a couple of good friends recently, and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day or a more perfect family. They are the sweetest, most lovable family, and it's such a blessing to be a part of their lives!

We wanted a fun place to shoot with the kiddos, so we decided on the old wooden park in Mesquite where I used to play as a little kid! I loved that place!! Thanks for the privilege of spending some special time with your family and a trip down memory lane!

Mom and dad got to spend a few quiet moments alone while the kids took a break from all the posing. :) Aren't they a beautiful couple!

I just love his expression here. You're gonna have a ladies' man on your hands.

Thanks again!


Brittany Nicole Photography goes to print! | Texas | Wedding Photographer

Exciting news for Brittany Nicole Photography! Our ad came out in The Knot: Texas magazine being ran from now through February 2010, check it out!!

We are very excited to reach many new potential clients and fill up 2010's wedding season and than some. Thanks again to all those who have been so supportive over the past year. :)

Thoughts and comments are always welcome.


Happy Holiday's | From Max & Me

Hello all! I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to all of my faithful friends and followers, I have been blessed by so many that have supported me in starting my own business. I am so grateful to you all and just wanted to take a moment to tell you thanks. Max and I hope that you have a fantastic holiday season and hope to see you back here often!

As you can tell my dog enjoys a good beer! Drink one for us this holiday season!! :)


60th Wedding Anniversary | Plano, TX | Wedding Photographer

The Smiths recently celebrated their 60th Anniversary, and I was honored to be asked to capture the event in photos. This momentous occasion was a family affair, celebrating this wonderful couple's life together. Everyone had a great time! Here are some photos of the event, couple, and family.

I tried out a few of the templates from the CoffeeShop, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Naturally, the grandkids take the spotlight! :)

Mrs. Smith and her brother.

Little one had been told to say cheese for the photos, (which he did so well) in this photo he is getting on to his older cousin for NOT chiming in on cheese! Too cute!


Meredith | First Baptist Dallas | Bridal Photographer

Meredith was a good friend of mine from First Baptist, so I was ecstatic when she allowed me to shoot her bridal session! Such a beautiful bride both inside and out! Congratulations Meredith, I wish you two the best!


Jeff Allen Children's Education Trust | Dallas, TX | Event Photographer

About a month ago, I was contacted by Spook Bolt of Bolt Productions to photograph a local charity event. This past May, a dear friend and colleague to those in the Marketing and PR departments of Baylor Health Care Systems, Jeff Allen, passed on, leaving behind his wife and five children. Lauren Useda Law, after attending his memorial service, dreamed up the Jeff Allen Children's Education Trust and organized the inaugural reunion and fundraiser with the help of Dana Boone Slaughter, Karen Burris, Marti Quisling and Kevin Tompkins. Of course, this is only a piece of the big picture.

Since the event, Lauren has taken the time to create a fantastic website, detailing Jeff Allen's life, family, the Reunion and Fundraiser and so much more, both past and present. Check out Jeff Allen Children's Education Trust for the full story, photo albums and other pertinent information.

Other sponsors from the September 26th event were: Matt Mollet, Pete Northway, Raj Persad, Dana Boone Slaughter, Larry Thompson, Mark Varel, Herschel Weisfeld, Karen Burris and Rick Whittlesey. For a complete list of all sponsors and donors, click on the Sponsors and Donors tab on the website.

This shot sums up the entire reunion and fundraiser. For those that don't know Baylor very well, their colors are blue and white and represented by the flame. I just loved all the details from the event and had to capture each and every one!

Here is a shot of the welcoming committee/sign in.
Sponsor table and a few of Rick Whittlesey's amazing paintings! Really if you haven't checked out his website yet, you NEED to see his other work; it looked beautiful and created the perfect ambiance for the reunion/fundrasier.

I don't even know where to start on the food! It was incredible! My absolute favorite was the Cream of Cilantro Soup....Oh! My! Gosh!!!!!

The floral arrangements were gorgeous, I wanted to take them all home with me! However, I think Lauren would have noticed them slowly all ending up in the back of my car. :)
The auction table, which included a football autographed by Roger Staubach!

Rick Whittlesay also donated some special purses hand-made by the woman in Nigeria, seeking a fresh start in life. You can read more about this on his website!
Lauren's brother drove into town to help her out for the weekend.
Hallway filled with works of art in Herschels S.O.T.A Building, which also has a couple of business spaces available for rent if anyone is looking.

The speakers.
Enjoying the video montage of just a few of the many memories with Jeff Allen.
The rest of the evening involved more mingling.