Family Vacation | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Day 4

It was a Sunday, and we were on our way to Vancouver, CA. It was not a bad drive from Seattle - only about 2 1/2 hours. We arrived at the border crossing about lunch time, and stopped shortly after for lunch. We detoured slightly to see the historic fishing village of Steveston located outside Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver. Steveston was a lovely spot - lots of restaurants, shopping, and an open fish market at the pier. People were busy walking between the boats, checking out the fresh seafood, and making their purchases. There was every kind of seafood imaginable.

Our next stop was to check-in at our hotel, River Rock Casino Resort. It was a nice place with the casino on one side and the hotel rooms on the other. We had a small suite which much appreciated after the cozy room we had shared in Bellevue. Our hotel was next to the airport, freeway, and water, a very handy location. A short drive put us in downtown Vancouver. We were most disappointed to find that our GPS system did not work in Canada.

All the side commentary will be me: This is the vehicle we should have road-tripped in, I just love these old school VW vans!

Brittany had us check out Lickerish, a local restaurant/bar. (My friend Danny suggested I stop by here, one of his good friends that used to live in the Dallas area moved home to Vancouver and opened this place. Many thanks to 'G' for being such a great host while we were there!) The open air design was perfect for a cocktail and appetizer, not to mention some interesting people watching. Afterwards, we drove to Chinatown where we browsed through the Night Market, checking out the vendors selling merchandise and food. We found a few bargains and sampled the local cuisine. Finally, we returned to our hotel for some much-needed rest.

This dessert was fantastic!

I really like this photo, why? I have no clue?!?

This is disgusting!
No words for this one.
Check out dads new ride...he won it in the casino!
Yeah right!!!!!

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Alex said...

Great shots...your photos rock! Yea, you're right about Seattle. It's pretty sweet. I didn't get to see much of it...more like passing by because most of my time was at Vancouver.