Matt Tolentino | Dallas | Portrait Photographer

What to say about Matt? He is one cool cat, just born in the wrong era!

My friend Matt is an ├╝ber talented guy, proficient on just about any instrument he picks up. Matt humbly attributes his great success to his beloved accordion. He plays anything from 20's and 30's hits, bringing back what he likes to call, "Oldies, but Goodies" to German Polka to Tenacious D! That's right folks, name a tune and Matt can play it! He has an extraordinary gift and passion for music that can only be experienced through his amazing performances. His pride and joy lies in his 20's and 30's Big Band, The Singapore Slingers. Our friendship predates the formation of this group, and I remember listening to Matt’s amazing ideas and dreams for this group. It bears mentioning that this group is now, not only a reality, but a smashing hit! Congratulations to Matt on his success! Make sure you check out his group The Singapore Slingers, dancing to the tunes, while you venture on to the fun photo shoot I had with Matt!

Since everything Matt owns is from the 20's, his home made a perfect location to start our shoot. After we were satisfied with what we had there, we saddled up with Matt’s goodies and headed over to the 1930's Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake to complete the shoot. My favorites are posted below!

These last few shots just touch on the number of cool things in Matts home! Thanks for allowing me a look into the life of Matt Tolentino :)


Fun with Photoshop | Dallas | Portrait Photographer

ALL of my friends are amazing! Some friends are there when you need a smile, others when you need to cry, and others when you would rather just be plain lazy. But the closest friends are called on when one is in need, these are limited, few and far between. In life, your friends are your greatest resource....lucky for me Katie fits all of the above! This time she played guinea pig while I tried out new toys and ideas. Katie was a fantastic model and, more importantly, a great friend! :) Thanks Kate!

We had a fantastic evening. We jumped in the car and headed down to the Fair Park area to find some fun places to shoot. There were brightly colored walls covered in graffiti, the coolest vintage Volkswagen Euro Bus, rusted stair wells and more! Check it all out below! We finished up the evening out of the Texas Sun at The Amsterdam Bar for a refreshing drink before heading home. And if you’ve never been there before, it’s an awesome place. Everyone should check it out!

***I tried out some new editing techniques...please let me know which you like and don’t like! Your comments would be most helpful for future shoots! Thanks for looking everyone! Enjoy!!!***


Wedding Sneak Peek

Happy Monday to all my fellow followers! What an amazing weekend, full of fun, exciting and all around new experience for me! I had the privilege of photographing my first traditional Pakistani wedding, many thanks to Yusra & Fahad for this great honor. Looking forward to editing all your amazing images, but for now here is one of my favorites! Be checking in the full wedding coverage will be coming soon!


Help me name my new puppy!

Meet my new puppy! He is adorable and so much fun....however puppy needs a name and I just cant seem to make a decision. So I need some help from my friends, all of you blog followers!

Here are the three I've been thinking of:


and feel free to suggest something totally new too!!! Thanks everyone!


Jennifer Fritz | Vintage Shoot | Portrait Photographer

Much thanks to my friend Jennifer. I wanted a model to do a vintage photoshoot and Jennifer stepped up to the plate and did a fantastic job. All of the vintage hats were left by my grandmother and I had been wanting to use them for a photoshoot, they were all so gorgeous that we had such a hard time choosing which to use.

Jennifer and myself ended up taking the trolley from West Village down McKinney into the Uptown area, stopping in front of the Rosewood Crescent Court Hotel, where we found a family that was quite fitting to photograph. Then after a brief walk, jumped on a trolley back to West Village. Thanks Jennifer for humoring me and allowing me to use you as my model! Here are my favorites...what a beautiful model! :)