Thiago in Caruth

Ok so I FINALLY have some images to upload to my blog! This is my friend Thiago 'Concert Pianist' Nascimento. We decided to hang out at SMU one evening this weekend and get some fun headshots for his website. I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and critiques!!! Thanks everyone.

NOTE: All these images are completely unedited.
This is one of my favorite ones I think, I love the lighting on the organ and the light shining on his face.

Ok so I was kinda having a hard time with the lighting in this performance hall. What do you do when you have really harsh stage lighting coming from above and really no lighting on the face? (And I dont own any lighting that I can take with me) I used an external flash in the next image and this is how the lighting came out.

We are going back to reshoot soon. So let me know some thoughts before then! Thanks!