Thirst Relief International Benefit Shoot | Red Rock Desert Las Vegas, NV | Wedding Photographer

I've been so excited to share the images from the Thirst Relief International benefit shoot that I just couldn't wait another day! For those that didn't get a chance to read my previous blog post, I had the pleasure of spending a day with Mike Colón and The Edmonsons, whom in my opinion, are three of the greatest photographers and men in this industry. Of course, I was nervous, as any aspiring photographer would be working alongside the best, but I had a blast doing so, and this quickly became the highlight of my trip. Due to the number of images I want to share, I've broken up the shoot into two different posts (one per couple).

So without further adieu...here come the brides!


WPPI Convention | Las Vegas

Being in my first official year of business, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a lot of firsts. One of which was, WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International), a huge convention in Las Vegas (also a first), which occurs right before wedding season each year. What perfect timing...a chance to hear, see and touch all the latest and greatest albums, prints, techniques and so much more just before jumping into my busy wedding season!

Many of you are members of my fan page on facebook and were able to follow my daily updates while in Vegas. If you were not, or could not, then you'll be filled in now. If you aren’t a member of my fan page you should join the fun there too. I'm not gonna lie, it was rather overwhelming, but worth every piece of information gained! I shot alongside the best of the best, met vendors of gorgeous top of the line products face to face, and attended many classes offered by amazing photographers that, until then, I had only been able to admire from afar. Not to mention having the honor of meeting and spending quality time with some fun photographers. Last, but not least, to my friend and photographer extraordinaire, Adrienne Gunde, who I've chatted with online for so long and has been forever encouraging and most helpful, it was such a pleasure to finally meet you!

Since I had not previously been to the city, a few friends and I left a day before the official conference began to give me the opportunity to experience the wonder of Vegas. Results: I'm not a Vegas, party-type girl. But, I did have a good time photographing the strip, trying out a couple of new restaurants, checking out several casinos and, attending the Bon Jovi concert courtesy of a random stranger.

Sunday was, by far, the highlight of my trip! I had the chance to attend celebrity wedding photographer Mike Colón and Dallas' finest The Edmonsons on their Thirst Relief International benefit shoot. How much better can it get? Spending the day with three outstanding photographers, that have hearts and personalities to match, riding around in the 24/7 Rockstar Party Bus, shooting some gorgeous models in the middle of the surprisingly colorful red rock desert, all for a great cause! (Speaking of, I cannot wait to share some of those images with you, which I will do later this week). They helped with creative posing ideas for my models, lighting techniques, using my cameras Kelvin settings to attain beautiful skin tones throughout my images, and talking me through various business materials to further me along in business. I've always been a more hands on, jump in head first, experience it myself, learn from my mistakes, kind of girl; working alongside the best was a dream come true! Many thanks to David and Luke Edmonson and Mike Colón for this amazing opportunity.

Monday through Wednesday was the actual conference, which was a whirlwind of classes and a daily visit to the tradeshow, where, each day, I acquired a bit more information on new, fun products, and caught a few of my favorite photographers platforms (The Sallee's, Luke Edmonson, and Tony Corbell for starters). The classes were packed full of great information and left me feeling ready to take on this years’ wedding season! :)

My favorite was Jasmine Star's class. Wow, do I feel like I can completely relate to her! As I’m thinking about how to go into more detail on this particular class, I realize that she needs a blog all of her own. So stay tuned for more on Jasmine Star and her touching class.

And last, but not least, for all you visual people, like me, out there, here are some of my favorite shots from my new extremely compact Canon point and shoot camera, which actually fits in my pocket. (I’m so used to carrying around such extensive gear that I almost felt naked with this tiny point and shoot, but, at the same time...it was SOOO nice and my back loved me at the end of the day)!

Here is a view of the interior of our hotel and where the conference was held. (MGM Grand Hotel and Casino)

Yes this was in the hotel. Sad but true. They were beautiful, but I'd be screaming if I was locked in a small cage all the time too.

Some shots of the strip.

Stopped to watch the water show at the Bellagio. Super cool!!

Inside another hotel and casino, where we graciously breaked to enjoyed some fantastic Thai. (my favorite food) :D

Great job on the lighting! ;) You know who you are!!

The 24/7 Rockstar Party Bus, with Mike Colón and Luke Edmonson.

Flying home...the Dallas skyline...the second City of Light?! Ok maybe not, but this is sure home to me!


Brooke & Daniel | Dallas, Texas | Engagement Photographer

Brooke and Daniel are such a fun, sweet, cute couple. I had the pleasure of attending college with them, which is where they first met and began dating. In June of last year, Brooke sent me an email, or rather a facebook message, of course ;), that she and Daniel were engaged and inquiring about the possibility of having me photograph their wedding. Thrilled by the chance to share this special time with them in an official capacity, we met over coffee and, to my delight, they decided I was a good fit for them.

Brooke and Daniel were so easy to work with, and made my job both fun and easy. Since we all knew each other from college, SMU was a logical selection for a starting location. (Not to mention the campus is always immaculate - plus frolicking around with my clients is one of my favorite activities). When we finished shooting and reminiscing at SMU, we moved to the Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens for a beautiful finish just as the sun was beginning to set. A quick round of chess, followed by a tail whooping game of checkers, and a quiet moment by the reflecting pond made this a perfect spot for a sweet couple. Below are some of my personal favorites from their engagement session. Don't forget to scroll all the way down to check out the slideshow. Many thanks to Brooke and Daniel for a fun evening together. Cannot wait for the wedding day!