Matt Tolentino | Dallas | Portrait Photographer

What to say about Matt? He is one cool cat, just born in the wrong era!

My friend Matt is an über talented guy, proficient on just about any instrument he picks up. Matt humbly attributes his great success to his beloved accordion. He plays anything from 20's and 30's hits, bringing back what he likes to call, "Oldies, but Goodies" to German Polka to Tenacious D! That's right folks, name a tune and Matt can play it! He has an extraordinary gift and passion for music that can only be experienced through his amazing performances. His pride and joy lies in his 20's and 30's Big Band, The Singapore Slingers. Our friendship predates the formation of this group, and I remember listening to Matt’s amazing ideas and dreams for this group. It bears mentioning that this group is now, not only a reality, but a smashing hit! Congratulations to Matt on his success! Make sure you check out his group The Singapore Slingers, dancing to the tunes, while you venture on to the fun photo shoot I had with Matt!

Since everything Matt owns is from the 20's, his home made a perfect location to start our shoot. After we were satisfied with what we had there, we saddled up with Matt’s goodies and headed over to the 1930's Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake to complete the shoot. My favorites are posted below!

These last few shots just touch on the number of cool things in Matts home! Thanks for allowing me a look into the life of Matt Tolentino :)


Danielle Bennignus said...

These are absolutely beautiful, Brittany - he makes a wonderful, truly ideal subject, of course... but you have done incredible work in capturing the unique, lovable soul that he is. So good to see.

Katie.Corwin said...

whimsical. :-)

Caleb Fleming said...

Brit! I think I know this kid! Does he play accordion at a german restaurant out in Plano? Sure looks familiar!