Digital Wake Up Call Seminar

Last week I had the opportunity of attending David Zisers’ seminar, Digital Wake Up Call, with my photog buddies - Caleb Fleming and Jonathan Foster! Thanks, Jonathan for passing along the info.

Seminars are always so much fun! You get a chance to get outside yourself and the projects you've been working on so diligently in your own business. Seminars allow you to meet other photographers, learn about new products and software, see new creative techniques from the camera to processing, and the ever popular topic of how to make your business more profitable!

Ziser started the seminar with an hour-long lesson on lighting techniques! I was thrilled to hear all of them, despite the fact that information overload was present by the time the conference was all said and done. Lighting is the aspect of photography where I'm most eager to expand my knowledge at present and see major improvements. Putting action behind the thought, I bought my first lighting umbrella, Zisers’ specially designed Zumbrella. It has a more transparent material which aids in wrapping the light smoothly around my subjects instead of creating harsh shadows! I’m super excited as I wait to receive it in the mail soon. Even more exciting, my Zumbrella came with David Zisers’ very own lighting DVD, so I can listen to it, not just once, but over and over, till I’ve soaked it all in. :) So be looking for more blogs as I experiment with lighting techniques, and you have my full permission to yell at me if you don’t see them posted.

From there, we touched on the subject of workflow and how to create a more efficient process after your big shoot. Photographers are always looking for quicker, more impressive and efficient ways to process their work which, in essence, makes their business more profitable. In this portion of the conference, I learned about some new software and Ziser validated the importance of some of the software I currently use, like Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop. (Two of the best programs!)

Ziser finished off his seminar discussing techniques to make one’s business more profitable. He shared the business ideas and methods that he felt most contributed to his success. Ziser’s suggestions ranged from creating vendor prints and establishing those relationships to improving connections with clients, by creating, growing and maintaining those relationships.

I won’t go into specific details on any of these topics, but you will be hearing more about them as I start implementing them in my own business!

Fyi....all photogs should have Zisers' blog....great resource!

In all the seminar was great, despite the fact that Caleb and I did not end up winning any door prizes. ;) Congrats to Jonathan on his Animoto winnings; we know how excited you were!

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