Claire | Southlake | Bridal Photographer

This girl is crazy! Where to even begin?!? Claire was so much fun to work with - great personality, easy-going, free spirited, willing to do anything and gorgeous to top it all off. A photographers’ dream! I met Claire at her home in Southlake where our adventure commenced. We began at a little pond she had found a few weeks earlier, then moved on to a small park closer to the town square which included this adorable, but petite, stream running through it. We finished up our shoot in Southlake Town Square and well....the photos tell the story!

I turned around for one second and...YES she was standing IN the pond!

'The Look' - totally up to something!

Just a little closer...

And yes folks! She is most definitely in the fountain!

Yes, the security cops did indeed show up and proceeded to joke and laugh with us. Thanks Claire for an eventful day! :)

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