Baker Hotel | Mineral Wells | Road Trip Photography

The idea for a road trip to Minerals Wells' Haunted Baker Hotel first came to mind when I was surfing the beloved World Wide Web and came across a site that had some cool shots of the hotel. It was at that moment that I knew that eventually I wanted to photograph the haunted hotel myself. So I started researching (because I'm kind of a nerd like that). If you haven't heard or don’t know a lot about the Baker Hotel, and if this is your thing, you should check it out. (Just click on the hyperlink above, and it will take you straight to their website). Lots of fun history, and old pictures...and the best part of the website is the Virtual Tour which takes you on a journey through any room in the hotel.

Anyway, my friend, Mike, and I were talking and decided to take a road trip and, naturally, the Baker Hotel popped into my mind, and he went for it! Thus, a date was set and a few days later off we went. We collected a few more friends on the way and headed to Mineral Wells. The following is a compilation of images from our day! Enjoy!

After exploring as much of the hotel as we could get to, we stop by a local coffee house/video store near the hotel for some caffiene before out trek home...

.....oh and to catch up on the latest issue of Reader's Digest!

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