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I was fortunate to have two very fun couples to work with this gorgeous Easter weekend and just because I couldn't wait to show them both off, I had to post a sneak peek!

The first couple is Juliana Moore and Alex Rivera, both alumni of SMU and the Mustang Band. Taking it back to old stomping grounds, here they are marching the stripes!! You two are so cute and so perfect together, congrats and I'm looking forward to the wedding!

Later in the afternoon, I had the pleasure of photographing Shea Stevens and Bobby Bowen Jr., and although the Dallas Arboretum was overflowing with people, we managed to get in (what appears to be) some alone time! Congrats to Shea and Bobby, you guys are so much fun to work with. . .never know what to expect from Bobby, and Shea loves every minute of it!! You have a wonderful adventure ahead, you two!


amo said...

I love the marching shot in front of the Mustang Band Hall! What a great idea!

jazztrumpet said...

Thanks! It was actually something that I wanted to do with my fiancee but she had been reluctant to do. I was finally able to convince her to do it and Brittany did a fantastic job of capturing it. Everyone who knows us and knows our background loves it.