Thirst Relief International Benefit Shoot | Red Rock Desert Las Vegas, NV | Wedding Photographer

I've been so excited to share the images from the Thirst Relief International benefit shoot that I just couldn't wait another day! For those that didn't get a chance to read my previous blog post, I had the pleasure of spending a day with Mike Colón and The Edmonsons, whom in my opinion, are three of the greatest photographers and men in this industry. Of course, I was nervous, as any aspiring photographer would be working alongside the best, but I had a blast doing so, and this quickly became the highlight of my trip. Due to the number of images I want to share, I've broken up the shoot into two different posts (one per couple).

So without further adieu...here come the brides!


JB Sallee said...

how do you not have ANY comments on this beautiful post! WOW these images are AMAZING! Keep up the great work...jb sallee

david edmonson said...

jb is right!