Passion goes FULL TIME!!

Wow...it has been four months since my last blog post. I am terribly sorry for the delay and hope it won't take me nearly this long to get the next post up.

The reason for this post is merely to get you all up to date on the not so recent news anymore :/ with Brittany Nicole Photography. This past spring/summer turned out to be a rather busy, yet extremely successful wedding season for me, shooting at least one wedding a weekend. Yay, exciting news for my first official year in business! I ended up being so busy that I made the decision it was time to pursue photography full time and turn my passion into a career.

August brought forth the beginning of this exciting change, in submitting my notice at the day job. By the first of September, I had wrapped up my time in the corporate world and began my new journey as a very excited business owner/entrepreneur. Full of ideas, life and enthusiasm in owning and maintaining my own wedding photography business; I started out my new career with an extended vacation (basically the entire month of Sept) to visit my best friend in South Korea and recoup from an exhausting year of 80+ hour work weeks. Thanks again Katie, had the time of my life, love you girlfriend!

Now I'm home, full of life, completely refreshed and ready to tackle the entrepreneurial world full force with Brittany Nicole Photography!

I want to send out a special thanks to all of my amazing clients over the past year that have stuck by my side in my 'hardly keeping my head above water' between the full time job and shooting all of your beautiful engagements, bridals,wedding days and family portraits! I will never forget any of you in your support of me and my growing business, love you all dearly, can never thank you enough for believing in me.

And just because no photography blog should ever post without a photo, here is a photo of Katie and I on top of the mountain in Seoraksan National Park. Naturally, we picked the perfect day for a hike!

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La Brisa Photography said...

congratulations on going full time!!! can't wait to see more of your awesome work!!!