Thanksgiving with my family

Since it is Thanksgiving, it is time to reflect about what we are most thankful for. Over the past year there have been many things to be thankful for. Just to name a few; I am now officially a full-time photographer...FINALLY, I have an amazing family that I love dearly, I managed to adopt a cute little (well, not so little anymore) pup, have VERY supportive friends (you all know who you are) and have been dating a wonderful man for the past year now!

However, one thing my family and I are most thankful for, and the main reason for this blog post, is our dear family friend...basically family...Arla Adams. She recently discovered that she has pancreatic cancer and has spent quite a bit of time in the hospital as of late. The cancer has been completely removed, hopefully, and Arla still must endure chemotherapy. She is a strong, independent, lovely women and we are all very proud of her strength throughout this struggle. Our thoughts and prayers, hopefully yours as well, are with her. We love you Arla!

Meet Arla!
Her office made her these bracelets.
Complete with her initials.
The spread!! :)

I made a traditional Greek Turkey, thanks to Todd for carving it for me.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy thanksgiving!!

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