Solaris Studios | Business of Wedding Photography Workshop!

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a "Business of Wedding Photography" workshop by Aric Hoek of Houston, TX. Being new to the wedding photography industry, I'm doing a great deal of learning through practice shoots, attending workshops, meet ups with other starting photographers, sharing info and skills. So much to do! I'd love to go over the entire workshop for you from beginning to end and share everything I learned, but I know many of you would not be interested in my blabbing on and on about business. So I'll just share some of the basics with you. :)

This is also somewhat of a to do list for myself, so I remember all the things I need to do to stay focused and remain productive and proactive!

1) Shoot, shoot, shoot!

2) Keep my website and blog updated with new images from my shoots.

3) Nail down my studio pricing and policies, don't want any legal trouble! ;)

4) Master the business side of things, I've ALWAYS leaned more to the creative side - so its a stretch for my brain to understand the ends and outs of the business side - but my photography is my passion and this is a major part of it so I'm giving you my word now that I WILL learn the business aspects and get them down!!!

And last but certainly not least:

5) ADVERTISING!!!! Yes, I'm going to start looking into my best options for advertising....scary...this means big money! (So please if you have any good ideas please leave a comment) And with advertising, I will, hopefully with a few more bridal portrait sessions under my belt, look into entering a Bridal Show soon! Yeah! Fun! Brides, brides and more brides! :)

So those are just a few of the many points discussed this past weekend, that are now on the top of my to do list! Thanks for reading! Leave some love ;)

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