Sabrina | White Rock Lake | Bridal Photographer

What a fun day! The day started out with picking up an assortment of flowers and creating my very first wedding bouquet. Yeah, what do you think? I apparently came home with an odd flower combination because my mom wondered how I was going to produce a photographic bouquet from the medley. Thanks mom! Always love your support. :) Just kidding mom. In all honesty, she helped me put it together, and we had a good time. So thanks mom! Then I went to pick up my gorgeous model, Sabrina, for the day, and that's when the fun really began! We stopped at Artistik Edge Hair Studio to get a fabulous up-do which is also where friend and fellow photographer, Caleb Fleming met up with us...check his work out! After Sabrina’s hair was done, we ran over to Northpark, where we met up with make-up artist Jennifer Bartram at Sephora. She transformed Sabrina’s look, making her eyes pop and enhancing her already beautiful facial features! Good job team – now we were ready to go for the shoot!!!

From there, Caleb and I took over and started in with our fun. We posed Sabrina here and there and, of course, all the cars honked at our model along the way. Of course, since Dallas seems to have developed a rainy season, we shot in overcast skies again. Luckily, however, the rain held off long enough for us get in a good shoot! First, we took her to White Rock Lake, then some cute Victorian homes and finished up our session at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel. Here is a taste of our day! Enjoy!

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Ilan said...

Stunning work.
I love how on most of the photos she is smiling, and then there is a close of her serious face.
Give a whole new dimension to the personality.
Superb work1

edward said...

speechless, these shots of Sabrina are amazing you have really brought out her true beauty you really have the gift I love your work keep it up