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About a month ago, I was contacted by Spook Bolt of Bolt Productions to photograph a local charity event. This past May, a dear friend and colleague to those in the Marketing and PR departments of Baylor Health Care Systems, Jeff Allen, passed on, leaving behind his wife and five children. Lauren Useda Law, after attending his memorial service, dreamed up the Jeff Allen Children's Education Trust and organized the inaugural reunion and fundraiser with the help of Dana Boone Slaughter, Karen Burris, Marti Quisling and Kevin Tompkins. Of course, this is only a piece of the big picture.

Since the event, Lauren has taken the time to create a fantastic website, detailing Jeff Allen's life, family, the Reunion and Fundraiser and so much more, both past and present. Check out Jeff Allen Children's Education Trust for the full story, photo albums and other pertinent information.

Other sponsors from the September 26th event were: Matt Mollet, Pete Northway, Raj Persad, Dana Boone Slaughter, Larry Thompson, Mark Varel, Herschel Weisfeld, Karen Burris and Rick Whittlesey. For a complete list of all sponsors and donors, click on the Sponsors and Donors tab on the website.

This shot sums up the entire reunion and fundraiser. For those that don't know Baylor very well, their colors are blue and white and represented by the flame. I just loved all the details from the event and had to capture each and every one!

Here is a shot of the welcoming committee/sign in.
Sponsor table and a few of Rick Whittlesey's amazing paintings! Really if you haven't checked out his website yet, you NEED to see his other work; it looked beautiful and created the perfect ambiance for the reunion/fundrasier.

I don't even know where to start on the food! It was incredible! My absolute favorite was the Cream of Cilantro Soup....Oh! My! Gosh!!!!!

The floral arrangements were gorgeous, I wanted to take them all home with me! However, I think Lauren would have noticed them slowly all ending up in the back of my car. :)
The auction table, which included a football autographed by Roger Staubach!

Rick Whittlesay also donated some special purses hand-made by the woman in Nigeria, seeking a fresh start in life. You can read more about this on his website!
Lauren's brother drove into town to help her out for the weekend.
Hallway filled with works of art in Herschels S.O.T.A Building, which also has a couple of business spaces available for rent if anyone is looking.

The speakers.
Enjoying the video montage of just a few of the many memories with Jeff Allen.
The rest of the evening involved more mingling.

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Miss Texan said...

How funny! I used to work for Spook in high school, at his studio.
Your photos look amazing, as per the usual!