The Ratliffs | Dallas/Ft. Worth | Family Portrait Photography

Tis' the Season.... for Christmas Family Photos.

I can still remember receiving the call that I had been requested to do the Ratliff's Family Portraits for Christmas. A rush of emotions swept through me all at once, ranging from shock, to excitement, to extreme nervousness. However, the warmth and kindness shown by the Ratliff's at our initial meeting quickly allayed any fears on my part. I had a wonderful time photographing the family, and their little girls were just adorable!

Many thanks to the Ratliffs and Happy Holidays!!

Don't forget about Cans for Comments thru the end of December!


Alex the Filipino said...

Nice! Do what you love & success will follow.

La Brisa Photography said...

absolutely LOVE the last one! great lighting and composition!

Ben Osborne said...

All I can say is... this is one of the coolest gigs ever! Send in a can of Wolf brand chili for me :) and keep up the good work.