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New things stirring with Brittany Nicole Photography!

First and foremost I want you all to know that I am officially a member of the Professional Photographer Association or more commonly referred to as PPA. I am stoked at the resources now available to me and my business, this year is going to be full of growing. Brittany Nicole Photography has a profile that you may check out here, its not fully edited at the moment, but will be as soon as I return.

On that note, I'd like to mention that Brittany Nicole Photography will be out of the office from Jan. 10-13 in Nashville, Tennessee attending the ImagingUSA photography conference. Look out for posts on all the new things I learn this week.

Last but not least....updates on the Cans for Comments. Thank you to everyone who left comments on my posts throughout December for the food bank effort. We had a total of 37 comments (ok so I included all the comments I got on facebook as well). So thank you to all who contributed to helping me feed the hungry this December, I will taking a box full of cans to North Texas Food Bank in your honor!!

Be back next weekend, have a great week friends!

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Katie Teacher said...

Hope you're having a fantastic time!